Col. Peter Michael Gish USMCR (Ret)
Col. Mike Gish
Playing number games with the children
Operation Restore Hope
Somalia 1993
Operation Restore Hope
Watercolor of the Norwegian ship Slevik
unloading a precious cargo of grain to
relieve starving Somalian refugees in the
secured ahead of schedule port of Kismayo.
Burned portion of the US Embassy in
Mogadishu on September 5, 1993
Kismayu-Belgian Sector
Grain Distribution
11 x 14" Watercolor

Heavy sacks of grain are heaved towards their intended
destination, the starving.  
Water Bull  12 x 16" Watercolor
A mobile container for water towed by motor vehicles to
supply water for drinking, cooking, washing if there's
enough of it.  Other water carriers are called water buffalos,
the "bull" may be a large version.
"Preventive Medicine"
A powerful image of a Marine Sniper in
Mogadishu, Somalia, 1993
Limited offer of signed/numbered Fine Art Print
from the original oil painting by Peter Michael Gish
14 x 26"  $100.  Includes shipping/handling